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About Myoushin-Tsuusetsu

Myoushin-Tsuusetsu Inc.
I make use of each person's individuality and ability to the maximum!

Thought to company policy

Representative greetings

Representative director Chizuru Hori
Representative director Chizuru Hori (HORI Chizuru)
 I act as a representative director,
It is Chizuru Hori.
 I serve as my self-introduction and hope to say hello.
 After student life, leave the home immediately, of Aichi
Emigrate to Toyohashi-shi more than three years, the waiter of the ceremonial hall
Moreover, the beginning, the kitchen of the fried butcher shop are various in the truth including the person in charge of the driver of the lift in the woodwork shop and sander finish
I studied with experiencing work in the encounter with various people.

 In the company where the opportunity about current work is transmission-related
Enter the company, the internal transmission construction such as communication buildings in the whole
It dates back to having gone. In the communication building, is the world that most have not looked at, "is special work…." I worked for a part-time job sense at the start saying "I want to try!".
 When appear in the spot, and work, and actually know contents, job happily all too soon to a person in charge
It became and came to get the many spots and completed one spot carefully each.
 After the completion, a feeling was very good in an impression and the joy that nobody knew and boastfulness.

 Afterwards, it is July, 2000 that I engage in work of the security communication and became independent as a sole proprietor
It becomes this.
 There were supports of the environment and rotation of the expectation, and "company policy" of current our company was completed.
 "The company policy" of our company is the thing which myself considered, but to not only the current employee education but also myself for an emergency
It sounds and wishes that it wants you to hand it down forever.

 The construction to deal with in here these days microminiaturizes it and does not look at the construction with unit price if outstanding shite does not perform knowledge and application either
I turn into yona contents.
 As, commencing with employee education, I strengthen a construction technology, and the construction of construction relations and the painting relations accompanies it, too,
I fix the system to cope even with ordering of the unification, and an employee wants to fix the environment that is easy to act.

 A hand human not a robot and a machine being done even if the field of the AI will develop as for our job in the future
It is in the necessary field and place by all means.
 The field of IOT develops into the beginning rapidly in 5G, too, but adopts the latest information without contenting itself,
I want to continue evolving.

 It is 20 years from founding.
 15 years passed from establishment, but are me (we) who am more inexperienced.
 I borrow your power and want to continue growing up with a friend from now on.

 It is really unknown in we spot side how and when the field of communications industry changes.
 Letting you accomplish the spot while talking about it in friends, and talking each time when the latest construction comes out
It is a mission and always thinks the words to want to push on in a heart.

"And "I" am a person near the spot anytime ... ...."

Department of base promotion mobile's chief: Sachiko Fujisawa (FUJISAWA Sachiko) - entering a company thirteenth year -

It is the only female on the site. "I communicate with "a smile"! It is the job that even "woman can try hard equally!
 Height is 156cm! The weight is secret! Is it ♡♡?
 It is me who have lower about 2 centimeters than the average height of the same generation of latest Japanese women, but even a man shrinks on the site in usual times
In one physical on a steel tower (more considerably than the tenth floor of the high-rise building) of 40m - 50m in height from the ground doing
I indulge in the up, magnificent scenery!
 That's right! The work that I engage in is the maintenance duties of the cell-phone base station.
 I begin with the setting of the antenna even if I say maintenance with a word and am set up exchange of the battery
I go over to maintenance duties and many divergences of various cables and electric equipment.
 Is in a position to instruct a younger student and the subordinate of the man in now that enter the company, and passed more than ten years, but some other time entering a company those days
Oneself who did not know no tool name is ashamed and longs and is woken up when I remember it.
 By the way, anyone is a first grader regardless of a man, a woman entering a company at first.
 What was tried hard even as for the only female in person while it looked like it, after all, from entering a company those days in an office or
It is that "a smile" did not die out in the neighborhood on the site.
 As for a man being this central industry on the site, and having surely met with the scene which it was hard to play at all only by the woman without several degrees
There is it.
 I experienced it so as not to be able to count a regrettable experience and the sad thought either.
 But, for a senior and "the smile" of the co-worker that supposed in such a scene, how many times is it what was saved so far?…….
 It is really still full of appreciation!
 "Communication!" with "a smile" that is my present motto from such an experience But, I was born.
 I belong to "the base promotion mobile department" which is a department to be able to further make use of on-site knowledge in and take design duties now,
I fight against days to design the drawing of the base station. Because the design drawing uses CAD software, only with a PC
Is not apt to seem to face each other, but make arrangements, and it is a lot the duties with the unification manager of the design, from my spot times
"Communication!" with "a smile" that is a motto But, it gives life in everywhere.
 I think in this way some other time now.
 "Do not be protected because it is a woman! Cannot do it because it is a man! Because it is a senior…Because it is, younger student…
Because it is a new face…." There is no drill if I say it.
 Finally, after all, I think that each personal motivation and interest to work are superior above all.
 You must break down "own world husk", too!
 And with us "is the workplace which does not die out of "the smile"! Do you not work in "?

Construction promotion department's chief: Masato Nishiwaki (NISHIWAKI Masato) - entering a company fifth year -

Depending on "a motivation" and the way of holding you of "the aim", I can grow up by all means!
 Only in the seniors who are really inexperienced, and enter the company and are me who was the start in the state that neither the right nor the left understands, but are kind
So I was able to be familiar with the company immediately.
 In addition, about not knowing in the environment where the sense of distance between employees can talk with the boss and a senior casually soon,
I am easy to ask a question and tell clearly.
 By the way, in the company which I am interested in the communications infrastructure industry, and is doing the work about cell-phone base station facilities mainly
I wanted to always enter the company.
 When one of the memories that I could not forget entered the company and still climbed the steel tower of 40m in height for the first time soon.
It is totally still recalled like the yesterday's thing that the quiver of the foot did not stop for a sense of fear forever.
 In addition, in the machine room in the base station which did not have put it first, many devices are equipped with, various switches
As a cable rotates everywhere, when "come into contact, it is expected that it is hard"; is told to, whatever you do
It is now as clear memory that worked while breaking out in a cold sweat.
 About climbing the expensive steel tower in now, was used to the health, and did not feel that was scared to there, but of time
I still keep it in mind every day without forgetting a sense of fear to work with feeling of strain safely.
 In addition, including not only danger being adjoining as for this work but also oneself always now, a friend
What kind of activity do you carry out? Carefulness and the responsibility that must always confirm that I said this each other
It is demanded work.
 Therefore, work is progress suruyona as well as a company's employee on the site with the various places of many companies
By there being the scene, too, and contacting various people, "what is dangerous? How can secure security?;
I understand and deepen knowledge each other and think that it is very important to share information.
 In such a scene, is that is spoken well in various scenes in the world, but communication
It touches the heart to be that it is very important to take it and can sense it bodily.
 And, regardless of big things and small things of work and the work, I have a sense of responsibility for any work, and the feeling that I finish doing is important.
 In addition, in the case of qualification as for the passer, the support after advice and the qualification of examination measures of the seniors of the experienced person
I always hear it without hesitation to have you do it.
 Finally entering a company to the company is a start not a goal.
 If it may be early to be used to work if it is an experienced person, but it is not necessary to wither just because of without experience
I think.
 When as I am more inexperienced, I make an effort every day and acquire knowledge and want to act for own improvement
When I am thinking, but that appears as proof of the growth by all means if I make an effort with "a motivation" and "an aim"
I am convinced!

Department of base promotion mobile's chief: Motoya Abe (ABE Daiya) - entering a company sixth year -

Oh, it is got ta, ri, ma
 The convenient tool called "a cell-phone" comes up; and more than 30 years ... ...
 With the times when the diffusion rate rises at the same time to evolve every day, and 80% or more of nations own a smartphone now
It became.
 Not only the telephone but also email and Internet, navigation, computerized account settlement etc…
 That every thing is enabled with one smartphone and is necessary for life like "a commonplace"
It becomes.

 Like such a "commonplace" and the smartphone which is usable like "a commonplace" anywhere.
I make the "commonplace", and there is "the base station" of the cell-phone everywhere of the downtown to support it.
I make the base station and maintain it and evolve it. That is our job.
I carry out the inorganic design of the base station in that.
 I before entering Myoushin-Tsuusetsu now about five years ago use the smartphone like "a commonplace",
Including there being the base station of the cell-phone in the downtown have not thought.
 I who entered "Myoushin-Tsuusetsu Inc." in just an opportunity a beginning, the world of the mobile communication (telecommunications)
I knew nothing.
 I can understand nothing in those days without my who went to the spot as construction being natural, and knowing both the right and the left even if I see a drawing
I did it in this.
 I make the drawing which nothing such was able to understand like "a commonplace" every day now.
 That was not surely made for "a commonplace".
 I was given duties to be called a design and naturally it was dull that it was not revealed and, in the days when I worked alone at another place, did it.
 I called the boss and the senior in such a case, but told the lot while everybody was busy.
 There is a base to run through the whole country, and there is the opportunity when all employees gather only a few times a year, but the relation between employees
What is very good, and do not understand even if have been in trouble; of a senior, the younger student do not matter,
The environment that is easy to ask a question is born.
 "A commonplace" includes such comfortable workplace.
 I entered the company, and five years passed, and the younger student was able to do it, too.
 It is a problem now to succeed to the environment that such a senior built for "a commonplace".
 There is many that work, and is serious that I support facilities, a communications infrastructure necessary for such a "commonplace", but is worthwhile,
I work hard at daily duties to be proud of being able to be engaged to the thing which melted into "a commonplace" for daily life!

Construction promotion department's chief: Takashi Kurusu (KURUSU Takashi) - entering a company eighth year -

With a friend, I support a next-generation communications infrastructure!
 The main duties contents which I am in charge of change the antenna device in "a cell-phone base station". 
 In late years the quantities of data become enormous by the spread of smartphones, the communications infrastructure for our everyday life
In the same way as electricity or running water, it becomes essential.
 To a role social job of the communication technology to develop every day own in contributing to reflection, and the pattern that is poor ability supporting a communications infrastructure
When I think that I stand, I feel worth doing for the work very much. 
 There is not the experience such as the electric construction much less the knowledge of the communication industry at all and, at the time of entering a company, receives instruction including the boss from seniors,
I realize that knowledge is accumulated for oneself when I know structure or the construction method in the base station little by little,
I gave invention to construction methods and came to be able to work on work more forward.
 As a group leader (leader) of one working party (team) given with responsibility now with a member (friend)
In the process to cooperate, and to send the spot to, sometimes cooperate with the friend of other offices, happily and sometimes,
Including the boss, to receive advice and advice from seniors, and to push forward the spot smoothly in reference to that; every day,
I cooperate together and push forward the spot.

 By the way, when I looked around the circumference incidentally when I contacted the worker who was individual members as a group leader every day,
If a member can show a characteristic in an unexpected part, and it is natural all too soon so far not to have been able to do it
When come to be able to do it, and there are many ... ... and discovery, and feel the growth of the friend directly, as a group leader
There was fun and was not exaggeration even if that said that it was one of the pleasure recently.
 In addition, it becomes kind and gives you advice when there is anything as well as work personally
Like the boss, seniors, value a younger student, a family so that myself can become such boss and senior
With "Myoushin-Tsuusetsu", I want to grow up still more.

Myoushin-Tsuusetsu Inc.
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